Oversized Tractors shipping

Oversized Tractors shipping

On 19 July, 2018 by experts of our company were performed the transportation of cargo on the following route: Steyr (Austria) - Chisinau (Moldova). There were brought 2 oversized tractors PUMA 210 with the following dimensions: length - 5m, width - 2.5m, height - 3.1m and weight 7.8 tons. The cargo was delivered in accordance with all oversized cargo standards.

Along the whole route of transportation of the oversized cargo our qualified drivers regularly check the fixation, fastening and positioning of cargo in the freight transport.

DV GROUP is in permanent improvement of the oversized cargo transportation system in order to satisfy your needs. Each oversized cargo transportation is performed individually, according to the customer's needs and requirements.

Choosing our company you will be satisfied with your choice!

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