Cargo consolidation

Cargo consolidation is accumulation and storage at warehouse of disparate cargoes intended for subsequent transport in a single direction.

The cargo accepted on the terms of consolidation passes the stage of completion, including inspection, documentation, sorting and distribution. The cargo is completed as it is accumulated in warehouse, thereby reducing the time spent on preparation for shipment. Disparate cargoes are usually placed inside the container, until it is completely filled.

The consolidation phase allows speeding up creation of consolidated cargo, which facilitates fast shipment and prompt delivery. It is also worth noting the significant financial savings typical for this method of transport.

DV GROUP renders a full range of services in terms of cargo consolidation, including:
- packaging works carried out in accordance with export conditions;
- measurement and photography;
- sorting and palletizing;
- loading and unloading;
- responsible storage of consignments accepted for consolidation;
- preparation of the entire package of documents, including export declarations for export of goods from the countries of the Eurozone;
- customs clearance and insurance of transported cargo.

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