Road freight

Road freight

a) FTL - delivery of a large consignment by a separate vehicle.

FTL (Full Truck Load) - fully loaded truck

FTL cargo delivery is most beneficial in the cases where the volume of cargo allows to load the whole vehicle. This is one of the fastest ways to deliver cargo to the recipient. We can transport up to 24 tons of (gross) cargo or 33 Euro-pallets in one vehicle. However, it should be taken into account that in some countries there are restrictions on a number of parameters of transported goods.

It will be more profitable for You to use FTL road transport if the volume of Your cargo allows You to load the whole vehicle. This type of transportation is the shortest delivery time and the ability to coordinate the route of movement at Your request. The means of transport for transportation is selected taking into account the volume, weight and other particularities of the cargo. Depending on the listed parameters, it can be small or large-tonnage transport, vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods with special permits, as well as oversized and heavy transport.

Ecaterina Plugari
Head of Logistics Department FTL
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b) LTL - delivery of medium and small consignments by vehicle.

LTL (Less Than Truckload) - less than a full truck load

LTL cargo delivery means the transportation of several medium and small consignments in one vehicle. In this case, the vehicle transports cargo from several senders to several recipients. The group of companies - DV GROUP carries out the delivery of small consignments of goods from the countries of the European Union. Our vehicle leaves 1-2 times a week, depending on the direction. Cargo delivery times may vary depending on the place of loading.

Anna Turchina
Logistics Manager LTL
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c) OOG (Out of Gauge) – delivery of oversized cargo.

The transportation of oversized or heavy cargo is the most difficult among all types of transported goods. It requires, in addition to special equipment, devices (appliances), a high degree of professionalism of the executors and all the permits and approvals required. DV GROUP specializes in this type of road transportation, has all the opportunities for their quick fulfilment.

Most often, by road transport are transported the following types of oversized cargo:
• Bulky, indivisible equipment (turbines, generators, machine tools, boiler rooms);
• Construction, road, agricultural machinery;
• Material and accessories.

Oversized can be:
• Heavyweight (Heavy);
• Long lengths (Long loads);
• Oversized.


Dorin Artemie
Logistics Manager OOG
(+373) 68 500 326



d) Transportation of goods demanding temperature conditions.

DV GROUP offers services in the field of transportation of sensitive cargo (Temperature Controlled Cargo). We know how to ensure high-quality delivery of a variety of sensitive cargo (Temperature Controlled Cargo) on optimal conditions for You.

Transportation of sensitive cargo is a targeted delivery from one point to another of perishable goods and those requiring special conditions for the carriage.

In this case, the carrier must comply with the required temperature regime in the cargo compartment, and monitor the condition of the transported cargo along the entire route.

Goods falling under the category of sensitive shipping:
• medical preparations and components,
• frozen food,
• cosmetic products and individual components,
• plants and flowers,
• chemical industry products.


Natalia Cernisova
Logistics Manager
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e) Transportation of dangerous goods in accordance with the requirements of ADR („European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road„).

Transportation of dangerous goods by road is one of the key areas of DV GROUP. The staff of the company consists of certified specialists; the company uses its own vehicle fleet for such type of transportation. Cargoes of 1-9 classes are imported / exported by road from / to the CIS countries and Europe.

The transportation of dangerous goods by road transport has a number of organizational features (routes, types of transport) and documentary (survey, presence of a license, approval).

Dangerous goods include:
• 1st class - explosive materials and objects;
• 2nd class - compressed, liquefied gases and gases dissolved under pressure;
• 3rd class – flammable (combustible) liquids;
• 4th class - flammable (combustible) substances that can catch fire from sparks, friction, etc.;
• 5th class - oxidizing substances that are not dangerous in themselves, but under the influence of certain factors can ignite;
• 6th class - poisonous and infectious substances that can cause poisoning or death;
• 7th class - radioactive materials;
• 8th class - corrosive substances that, if they come into contact with mucous tissues, can cause burns and corrosion of tissues;
• 9th class - other hazardous substances.

Denis Rusu
Head of Logistics Department FTL
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