Customs clearance

DV GROUP carries out all kinds of customs operations. Being a customs broker, we are ready to offer such services as:
- execution of customs declarations, including import, export and transit ones;
- execution of customs declarations for storage of goods;
- execution of declarations with a suspension regime (temporary import, passive and active clearance);
- filling in the certificates EUR 1, CMR, TIR Carnets;
- electronic filling in of the authorization for temporary import, active or passive clearance;
- provision of guarantees of import rights for the regime of temporary import, including customs storage of goods;
- preparation of necessary documentation for subsequent registration in the information system of businesses;
- consulting services in the field of customs operations;
- provision of all information necessary for customs clearance, concerning obtaining of authorizations, licenses, permits, certificates.

Preparation of customs declarations includes:
- check of availability and correctness of filling in of all necessary documentation;
- calculation of customs rights and provision of consultations to the business about their peculiarities;
- detailed processing of the customs declaration in the relevant information system;
- submission of a detailed customs declaration to the customs office;
- detailed tracking of the documentary control procedure;
- receipt and transmission of customs clearance documentation to the business.


Customs warehousing

During customs warehousing, space is allocated for temporary storage of cargo or goods. In this case, a short declaration is filled in and submitted to the customs office. DV GROUP guarantees observance of customs rights for all items placed for temporary warehousing. In addition, we provide import, processing and export operations of goods placed in our warehouses.


Internal transit

To avoid problems in the transit of goods, sufficient guarantees are needed, which most often are the customs transit document (TIR Carnet). DV GROUP is ready to provide support to businesses that do not transit goods under the TIR Convention. We are holder of a letter of bank guarantee for up to 3,000,000, MDL, which allows us to carry out all forms of transit operations as the main bound subject.

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