About us

DV GROUP is a corporation made up of several different, independent businesses, efficiently operating as a single structure. We are specialized in making time-sensitive deliveries anywhere in the world applying the accumulated knowledge in logistics, including freight services, insurance and customs services. Our customers constantly benefit from our actively expanding range of provided services that helps them reduce the headache while saving time and money concentrating on their own business. DV GROUPs’ unified coordination of activities contributes to achieving the most cost-effective and positive results.

Being present on the international market for an extended period of time, our company clearly identifies customers business necessities. Facing challenging tasks on daily basis, we come out with elegant solutions that help the clients to build permanent confidence in our abilities. Our customers positive feedback is the main reason we tend to get better in every aspect of our job.

Our strategy is to accurately build the supply chain, as well as to keep under permanent control all of its elements. The structure of DV GROUP provides the maximum effect of the well-coordinated work of all our subdivisions. The well-coordinated interaction between departments of companies significantly speeds up search for the most optimal solutions for the most different situations.

The main advantage of DV GROUP is focusing on customers needs. We understand importance of transport of various cargoes for business, we constantly study and supervise this area, we increase our service capabilities, and we will take all necessary actions to ensure that logistics services are the least problematic for our customers. Professionals of cargo transport, customs services and insurance wait for you at DV GROUP!


Our mission

The mission of DV GROUP is competent optimization of cargo transport carried out based on an innovative approach, effective communications, strategic planning and environmental management. The technologies we use allow us to correctly forecast and take into account the maximum number of transports, providing the customer with the most advantageous solutions for its transport tasks. Excellent information, thoughtful saving, correct calculation of route and used technologies contribute to timely delivery, as well as safety of transported cargo.

We develop and successfully put into operation complex logistics solutions designed for market participants with foreign economic activity. Qualified professionals of DV GROUP offer optimal schemes for transport and management of cargo flows, contributing to quick performance of functional tasks of our customers. Focus on result and accurate implementation of all agreements with customers and partners of DV GROUP are the basic principles for us in achieving the goals of our mission.

Development and implementation of efficient logistics schemes for transport of cargoes and management of commodity flows between supplier and buyer
Permanent growth of quality of our services, which can meet all demands of our customers
Compliance with all rules and agreements reached between us and our partners

Our team

DV GROUP is professionals of logistics, aiming solely high efficiency. Representatives of our team have large knowledge, access to modern technical support and valuable practical experience, contributing to the rapid successful fulfilment of all relevant tasks. Our professionals solve in the shortest time the problems of customers and partners related to transport of goods, insurance or customs clearance. Speed of work, competent individual approach and steady focus on maintaining long-term partnership relations are the key principles of work of DV GROUP team.

The staff of all our companies is brought together by the common goals, common achievements, common victories. Weekly advisory classes are organized for our employees, which strengthen profile knowledge and develop skills of work with long-time partners, regular customers and one-time customers. We consider each of the referral to our office first of all in terms of building mutually beneficial long-term partner relations. Well-established communication relations, constant interaction and well affected business atmosphere allow us to find the right and responsible solutions in any specific situations. We are proud of the achievements of DV GROUP of cargo transport, which would be impossible without our professionally trained and experienced specialists!